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KAS Mailmaster ASCENT

The Mailmaster Ascent handles #10 to 10 x 13″ envelopes, inserting at speeds of up to 7,000 filled envelopes per hour. This comprehensive multi-format enveloping system offers flexibility, durability and ease of set up. An important feature of the Mailmaster …

KAS Mailwrap polywrapper

The KAS Mailwrap is an automated polywrapping machine that has a number of unique design features, offering flexibility, durability and ease of set-up combined with a small footprint.
  • The KAS Mailwrap can wrap up to 22mm thickness at speeds of up to 6000 completed packs per hour.
  • Operator control is through a touch screen.
  • This controls insert station selection, speed and heat settings, error location and further run information. Heat settings are pre-set for a given throughput, but can be adjusted by the operator to suit the thickness of film.
  • The insert stations can handle a wide variety of documentation including single sheets, card, reply envelopes, pre-folded items, CD’s and books.
  • It is possible to pre-select the number of items fed from an insert station on each cycle and have the feed switch automatically from one station to another when it runs low.
  • Each feeder can handle thicknesses from a single sheet to books up to 12mm thick. There is also a hand feed position for non-machinable items.
  • Each insert station has a miss, double and jammed detector and there are further sensors throughout to check the path of the document through the machine. Any error automatically stops the Mailwrap and the location is displayed on the control screen.
A choice of reading technology is available: OMR, 1D or 2D barcode or OCR can be used to match multiple documents fed from a single feeder or documents fed from different feeders.
The Mailwrap polywrapping machine is a simple and effective polythene wrapping solution offering flexibility and performance for your document packaging requirements.

Features of the KAS Mailwrap Polywrapping System:

  • Pivoting Touch Screen Control provides run information, error location and help pages
  • Small footprint
  • Close fitting wrap
  • Adjustable bag length
  • Cassette loading system for film
  • Print Registration
  • Sequential start-up/clear-down
  • Top load feeders for ease of filling, without stopping the machine
  • Miss & double feed detectors on feeders
  • Document track sensors
  • Low level sensors on feeders
  • Multiple feeding from each feeder to a preset number
  • Station linking, to increase loading capacity
  • Hand feed position
  • Simple set up and changeover
  • Output delivered onto a conveyor stacker
  • Choice of reading technology

KAS Integra Magazine and Folder Inserter

The KAS Integra is a magazine inserting machine designed to insert a variety of documents into a magazine or folder, cycling at up to 4000 filled items per hour.

Different models are available depending on the size of the items into which the documents are being inserted, ranging from 210 x 100 mm to up to 230  x 320 mm.

The magazine feeder will feed up to 7mm thick, with the option to increase this to 10 mm.

The standard insert stations handles items from 180 x 90 mm up to A4, with a maximum thickness of 2mm.

Touch screen control of station selection and output speed. The display screen also provides run information and error location. The insert feeder has miss, double and jam detectors.

Output from the inserting machine can be delivered onto a conveyor stacker or into an enveloping inserter such as the KAS Mailmaster 465HS or the KAS Mailwrap polywrapper so that the filled magazine or folder can pass directly from one machine to another with the addition of further inserts on to the document before enclosing into an envelope or polywrap.

This magazine inserting machine can be used simply as a multiple feeder system, either as a standalone system or in-line with document equipment from other manufacturers for almost any polywrapper on the market whether one chooses to insert the material inside the magazine first or not.

There is an on-line position to allow further equipment to be added upstream.


  • Up to 4,000 filled magazines per hour
  • Magazine feeder will feed up to to 7mm thick
  • Durable British Construction
  • Quick changeover between jobs


  • Can be used as a multiple feeder system for other devices
  • Quick set-up
  • Side insert stations feed a wide variety of material up to 7mm thick
  • Multiple feeding from each feeder to a preset equality

Ease of Operation

  • Pivoting touch control screen also provides run information and error location
  • Easy changeover from one job to another
  • Operation through a push button or touch screen
  • Completed items stacked in a collecting tray or conveyor stacker
  • Top load feeders for ease of filing
  • Re-load without stopping the machine


  • Insert stations have miss, jam and double detectors
  • Further sensors throughout to stop the machine in case of error
  • Test mode for running a trial insertion

KAS Enfolder Card Mailing System

The Enfolder can be used as a stand-alone unit or in-line to most plastic card match and attach systems on the market. This machine cycles at up to 3500 per hour handling documents with 1 to 4 cards attached. It can provide Z-fold, C-fold and half-fold using interchangeable cassettes. The touch screen control provides an error position display and facilitates the addition of on-line equipment

The Enfolder is fully compatible with the KAS Mailmaster range of envelope inserters, which takes automated attaching of plastic cards and envelope inserting to the next level.

The Enfolder plastic card inserter is manufactured by KAS Paper Systems, and acts as an interface between card match and attaching equipment and the inserting system. Thus enabling the printing, card matching/attaching, folding, inserting and sealing to be done in the same process. Insert stations on the envelope inserter can be selected to add further documents which could be single sheets, pre-folded items, books or CDs.

KAS Paper Systems can also incorporate its own camera reading, tracking and integrity software. The documents can be read on entry, tracked through the system and read again at the exit.

The run data is transferred to the reporting package which will give a real time on screen listing of documents processed, time of insertion and enclosures selected. An error control program can be set to a number of levels and out-sort errors away from the main output conveyor stacker.

KAS CreaseMatic Auto50

The Creasematic Auto50 programmable Card Creaser creates quality creasing and perforating on all types of digitally printed work.

The rise and fall platen creasing action enables positive accurate creasing on stock sizes from CD to 500mm x 700mm at over 8000 sheets per hour.

A 99 program memory with a quick and easy setup of up to 35 creases per sheet is standard.

Matrix bar and Channel Matrix for the CreaseMatic Auto50 and CreaseMatic 150

The CreaseMatic Auto50 Standard Features

  • Suction fed SRA2 high speed card creaser is designed for higher volume digital and litho printers.
  • Over 8000 sheets per hour
  • 4 creasing width tools supplied to cover the stock range upto 400 gsm
  • Top load bottom feed suction system designed for continuous production
  • Upto 35 creases per sheet
  • Stock sizes from CD to 500mm x 700mm
  • Upto 99 memories jobs can be stored
  • Rotary perforating tool
  • Floor Standing

A Matrix Bar is supplied to which channel matrix self adhesive matrix can be attached.

These channel matrix are available in many sizes, are inexpensive to use and very popular for creasing light weight stocks 80-150gsm.

This system provides a single point which is especially useful if the job is to be stitched.

Kas Mailmaster 465HS


  • Two 6 station units and One 8 station unit available
  • All machines approximately 2.3 million on counter
  • High speed Feeder

Mailmaster 565HS DL to C5 Envelope Inserter

The Mailmaster 565HS envelope inserter, in common with all KAS envelope inserting systems, combines a unique design with proven technology, backed by over fifty years experience in mailing. It handles DL to C5 envelopes, inserting at speeds of up to 7,200 completed envelopes per hour. Designed and manufactured in Britain, it is available in a number of configurations with a host of features. The equipment’s durable build quality means that it can handle long runs whilst its ease of set-up and quick changeover between jobs makes it equally viable for short runs.

Insert stations can handle a wide variety of materials including single sheets, card, reply envelopes, pre-folded items and booklets. Each system has one book feeder as standard, capable of handling books up to 4mm thick. Each insert station has miss, double and jam detectors. There are further sensors throughout the machine to check the path of the documents through the system. Any error automatically stops the machine and the location is displayed on the screen. A choice of touch screens are available that controls the machine operation. The screens give station selection, speed control, re-settable counter, help pages, output speed and error location display.

A variety of end feeders can be added to feed and fold cut sheet or continuous forms, with or without reading facility, and giving the choice of folding separately or nest folding. Optical Mark reading, 1D and 2D Barcode reading or OCR are available to facilitate batching of the prime document, selection of inserts and Mailsort batching.

Standard features of the Mailmaster 565HS

  • Inserts into DL and C5 envelopes
  • Quick job changeover
  • Durable British construction
  • Variable speed
  • Up to 7200 envelopes per hour output
  • Touch screen control
  • Sequential start up/clear down
  • Simple top load, bottom feed
  • Multiple feeding from insert stations
  • Automatic station switching
  • Output conveyor stacker
  • Envelope low sensor
  • Miss, double, jam detectors
  • Book feeder as standard
  • In-line folding
  • On-screen run information
  • Output conveyor stacker

Additional Options

  • Document accumulation and nest folding
  • In-line corner stapling
  • Continuous forms cutter
  • OMR, Barcode, 2D matrix and OCR reading
  • Management information/reporting
  • Filled envelope divert
  • Envelope marking
  • Mailsort batching
  • Error Divert before sealing

Rebuilt Equipment – ALL

Quality Used, Rebuilt Mail Processing Equipment & Mailing Machines Roberts Business Machines has over 30 years experience in the automated mail processing equipment industry. We use OEM parts in our on-site rebuilding facility and are fully trained, factory authorized service …

Rebuilt Equipment2

Pitney Bowes Flowmaster FX10F Features Dual System Input 6 Station Unit 10 x 13 envelope Cut Sheet Dual Accumulators 6 Roller Folder Continuous Forms Cutter Mailcrafter 9800L with GBR 438 Stretch Machine Features Model 9800l-6PM GBR 438 Rebuilt 6 Station …

Standard PF-P320 Folder

The Standard PF-P320 folder is a more automated “big brother” version to the popular PF-P310. The PF-P320 sets fold plates at the touch of a button and folds at speeds of up to 250 sheet per minute, making it more desirable to quick printers that have greater folding demands. Both the PF-P310 and 320 offer easy access to the fold rollers, making even cleaning or replacing of the rollers effortless.

PF-P320 Technical Specifications

Paper weight (bond): 16 to70 lb
Max Pile Height: 200 Sheets
Max. Paper Size: 11.5″ x 17″
Min. Paper Size: 2.6 x 3.4
Max. Sheets/hour: 14,400
Variable Speed: Yes (2)
Fold Patterns: 6
Fold Plates: 2
Fold Plate Setting: Auto Set by preset sizes
Programmable Custom Folds: Yes (2 Programs)
Belt Stacker: Yes
Counter: Digital
Preset Counter: Yes
Test (Proof) Function: Yes
Cross Folding: Yes
Weight: 80 lbs
Electrical: 115V 60Hz
Size(L x W x H): 38″ x 19″ x 23″

Specifications subject to change without notice.