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1-Rebuilt 2013 GBR-MBO Feeder, Accumulator, Folder with the following:

  • High Capacity Sheet Feeder
  • 2d Read, OMR and 3 of 9 Available
  • 4 Plate MBO Heavy duty Folder
  • Output staging device to inserter
  • Version 6 2013
  • Excellent condition Late Model unit

MBO B18 4/4


  • MBO Paper Folders
  • Right Angle
  • Like New

MBO T49 4/4


  • MBO Paper Folders
  • Right Angle
  • Excellent Condition

GBR Systems 438 Smart Feeder to MBO Folder

Replace your Bell & Howell continuous form or cut sheet system inserting system with state of the art reading and processing technology at a minimal cost by re-using the inserter, accumulator, MBO folder and collector refurbished and equipped with state of the art reading and system control including the possibility of file based inserting and output verification.

Newly Added Rebuilt Equipment

NEWLY ADDED! 2006 CMC400 or BBH 400E Features 2006 CMC400 or BBH 400E 6 Station unit Cut sheet High Capacity sheet feeder, Folder, Dual Accumulator. 2d Read along with in-line ink jet for read print solutions. Print Verification after Ink …

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GBR 438 Servo Feeder Flowmaster 12000 XL rebuilt Pitney Bowes DMS 10 Inserter 2007 CMC 400 8 station CMC 250 Inserter GBR 438 MBO GBR 438 w/MBO folder Pitney Bowes FPS Flowmaster PB inserter Flowmaster 12000 Rebuilt Inserter Flowmaster 12000XL …

Rebuilt Equipment – ALL

Quality Used, Rebuilt Mail Processing Equipment & Mailing Machines Roberts Business Machines has over 30 years experience in the automated mail processing equipment industry. We use OEM parts in our on-site rebuilding facility and are fully trained, factory authorized service …

Bell & Howell Mailstar 400-C6


  • Front Mounted, High Capacity, Bottom Sheet Feeder
  • First Page Hold
  • Modular Right Angle
  • Modular Stager
  • Universal Accumulator
  • MBO Folder
  • Single Stage Collector
  • One Top Reading Laser Head Reader(3 of 9 read)
  • AUI – Dual Microcomputer (w/spare board)
  • STATIONS #1 – #4: Select
  • STATIONS #5 & #6: Standard
  • ENVELOPE HOPPER: Shuttle Feed

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Rebuilt Equipment6

2001 Mailcrafter 9800 Edge 438 GBR System Features OMR read 6 station Edge 9800 Inserter 6 Foot Conveyor Turnover GBR In-Line 438 In-line folder accumulator 2002 Neopost SI90 Versamailer Features 2 Station Base Accumulator In-line Folder Pitney Bowes R-750 Meter …