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Profold LINX Moveable Head-to-Foot Tabber


  • Provides cost effective, industry proven tabbing technology.
  • Increase production time due to less “down-time” for maintenance
  • Able to place one to eight (1-8) tabs on top and bottom of a product in a
    single pass
  • Master unit can be operated as a Stand Alone unit
  • Can be used to place tabs, stamps, labels, and Post-it notes.
  • Post-it notes require adapter kit installed
  • Has electronic controller which controls accurate tab placement
  • Through-put = 30k pieces per hour (Based on 1 piece, with 2 tabs)

Lower cost due to:

  • Lower manual labor requirements
  • Designed to work 24/7
  • Less down time due to robust design
  • Operator-friendly equipment is easy to use.
  • Tightest and most accurate tab placement on the market
  • Able to place clear tabs tighter due to “TWIST-BELT” function
  • Patented “Twist-Belt” sealing function provides tightest tab seal
  • Pick-up spool for offloading webbing
  • Over 2,000 Linx Tabbers in service
  • Warranty: One year on all Profold parts excluding consumables

Profold LINX Family of Tabbers

Profold’s LINX family of tabbers consists of three models; LINXDX, LINX and LINXH. These are all high production floor model units designed for multiple shift operation. The LINXDX is the only tabber with a built-in height adjustable register table that can be raised or lowered to match the passline of most mailroom equipment. The patented bump-turn assembly is used for in line operation with folders, three knife trimmers or other equipment where the product needs to be turned ninety degrees prior to tabbing or labeling.

Profold’s on-board electronic controller governs accurate tab placement at up to 30,000 pieces per hour* single or double tabbed. The LINXH shares the features of the LINXDX, except that it has no bump-turn. The primary use of this model is to run inline with conventional inserters to apply stamps on envelopes. The LINX was designed to run inline with ink jet addressing equipment and/or office with a feeder or other document-feeding device.


  • Patented twist-belt achieves the tightest and most accurate tab placement
  • Patented in-feed Bump-Turn allows the DX to run in line with folders, stitcher/trimmers, etc
  • Patented Auto-Place feature maintains operators pre-set tab placement regardless of product length (at a constant belt speed).
  • 24/7 duty cycle
  • Low tab sensor pauses unit so the operator can quickly splice in a fresh tab roll
  • Accepts all USPS approved automated sizes
  • Slide tab heads over and apply labels flat on the product or seal a gatefold. Apply marketing stickers, “piggybacks” or USPS self-adhesive stamps
  • Unique registering allows the unit to tab difficult products like folded, multi-page, newspaper flyers/catalogs with shingled edges or smaller digest size booklets
  • Profold’s optional stripper extension kit allows larger labels up to 4 ” to be applied
  • Mounted on adjustable locking casters for easy moving
  • Profold Tabbers can be run inline with each other to create a closed piece on three sides
  • Maximum number of tabs in a single pass is nine
  • Warranty: One year on all Profold parts excluding normal wear parts

Profold Portable Dual Tabber


  • Both head and foot tabbing
  • Tab opposite spine with continuous run
  • Speeds adjustable to system speed so tracking is easily maintained
  • Keyboard adjustment allows for easy setup for different tab placement
  • Docking station permits easy movement of the units away from center for product length variance
  • Mounted on castors to allow units to be moved between lines or used off-line
  • Works with a wide variety of tabs or labels

Profold RSC Tabber

The RSC, which stands for Rapid Spool Change, will save customers labor and reduce the time required to reload tabs by the addition of a second spool. By doing this, the operator can load a second spool, which then is spliced to the first spool using just a simple splice. This new function reduces the down time and allows longer production time, approximately one hour per day. This unit easily runs in-line or as a stand-alone unit.

The RSC provides the mail-handling industry with new, exciting upgrades and options while maintaining the shop proven reliability that our LINX Tabbers are known for in the industry. These new upgrades and options include the ability to store up to ten job set-ups, PM Software and Shop Oriented Interface.

Profold Desktop Folder


  • First and only compact size folder with “BIG” machine features
  • First and only with swing deflectors in a table top folder
  • First and only built in sound covers as a standard feature
  • Ergonomic design and styling
  • First and only with skewable paper side guides to maintain accurate folds
  • Heavy duty paper caliper feed assembly
  • Quality folds at 18,000/hr.
  • DC Variable Speed Drive
  • Operator friendly
  • Color coded for fold format and sheet size
  • Optional stand

Profold Elite Series Vacuum or Friction Folder

Profold’s tabletop folders provide big machine performance at tabletop prices. The product line consists of two vacuum feed and one friction feed model. All have bottom feeding top loading design for continuous use.

Simplified design makes the Elite 500 folders easy to operate. The feed and delivery stations are on the same side for operator comfort and convenience. Set up is quick. The fold stop design and fold chart provided reduce set up time by illustrating exact plate settings for all commonly used folds. Micro adjustments allow precise fold settings to be dialed in after the primary fold settings have been made. The Elite 500 vacuum feed series handles coated stocks and is unaffected by press spray powder. The vacuum model also eliminates ink smudging and allows most product to go directly to the folder on offset stock. The Right Angle unit is unique in the fact that folded product is delivered to the top of the unit for easy, stress-free removal. This feature maximizes operator productivity and reduces potential work related injuries.

Options: Right Angle Folder, Slitters, Stand

Profold Model 4040 Folder

The Model 4040 vacuum fed folder is compact and will save floor space, time and double your production. It is equipped with Profold’s patented “No-Set-Gap-Set” technology, which takes the art out of folding. Gap setting is eliminated. Our patented Prothane Fast Track grooved fold rollers provide long-life and tight folds. The Model 4040 has a feeding performance of up to 40,000 sheets per hour with 81/2 x 11″, twenty-pound stock. It is equipped with a stacking tray capacity of 750 sheets. The bottom vacuum feeder allows continuous reloading and operation. This eliminates work stoppage for shut downs that occur when reloading a pile feeder.


  • Prothane Fast Track grooved fold rollers have no affinity for laser or copier toner
  • Grooves in rollers allow toner to escape, permitting cleaner rollers and cleaner product
  • Propane Fast Track grooved fold rollers allow air to escape providing a better paper grip and superior control of all paper stock, including slick stock. Our grooved fold rollers guarantee tight, crisp folds
  • The “No-Set-Gap-Set” automatically adjusts for product thickness and fold-format changes. This ensures accuracy and reduces time-consuming adjustments
  • A capacity of 40,000 sheets per hour is achieved with 81/2 x 11″, twenty pound stock
  • Equipped with four fold plates optimizing imposition of fold
  • DC drive variable speed conveyor shingles folded stock
  • Folder belt drive and sealed bearings reduce noise and the need for lubrication
  • One perforator and one scorer are standard features
  • Mounted on adjustable casters for easy maneuvering
  • Warranty: One year on all Profold parts except wear parts

Profold Model 4055 Folder

The Model 4055 is primarily a floor model right angle folder, designed to be used in conjunction with our 4040 folder either at a right angle or in tandem with a host of other Profold models whenever the need for a right angle unit is required.

The durable folder sections contain Profold’s No- Set- Gap- Set. This patented feature eliminates all fold roller adjustments due to paper caliper or fold format changes. Both folder sections contain four fold plates, which allow many different types of folds. The patented Prothane Fastrack Grooved Rollers are long life rollers with no affinity to laser or copier toner. These grooved pure urethane rollers allow air to escape to produce the tightest possible fold, as well as allowing toner to escape, leaving a clean paper path while operating. The unique cross carrier contains urethane-covered rollers, which provide fast product registration to assure proper product entry into the second set of fold rollers.

The belt drive and sealed bearings minimize noise and the need for lubrication. The delivery conveyor is driven by an independent variable DC drive, which delivers the folded product into a stacker tray.

Profold PF 1000 Feeder/Folder

The Profold PF 1000 Feeder/Folder is a unique machine designed to save labor and eliminate the bindery step by folding flat stock and delivering it directly into an inserter gripper arm. The unit easily fits on the inserter hopper table of conventional A-Frame inserters and requires no additional floor space. The PF 1000 does not require separate operators. Front load design allows one operator to handle both the inserter and folder. The PF 1000 is built in left and right versions so that up to four can be mounted on a six-station inserter. The PF 1000 allows the inserter to run continuously without stopping for product reload.


  • Secure high-efficiency transition of product to gripper arm
  • Seated bearings for quiet operation
  • Patented Grooved “Fast Track” rollers for tighter folds
  • Automatic demand feeding monitored by optic sensor
  • Capable of letter, single, or Z folds
  • The PF 1000 eliminates the need to route product to the bindery thereby reducing the chance of mixing up jobs on the inserter
  • Minimum operator intervention required
  • Unit is portable and is easily moved from one inserter to another

Profold Super Elite 500 Vacuum Folder

Profold’s tabletop folders provide big machine performance at tabletop prices. The product line consists of two vacuum feed and one friction feed model. All have bottom feeding top loading design for continuous use.

The Super 500 model fold rollers are made of proprietary urethane material that gives the rollers longer life. The main roller is grooved in a manner that forces laser toner and ink to the sides of the rollers thereby reducing roller clean-up time. It also reduces marking on most folded product and allows trapped air caught between the paper and the roller to escape providing a tighter fold. The roller material has a better gripping surface for handling a wide variety of media substrate.

The Super 500 has skewable paper side guides, a Profold first, that are designed to allow skewing of the guides to compensate for variance in the ‘squareness’ of the paper stack. Skewing the paper side guides to maintain a square fold is much more effective than adjusting the fold plate paper stop. Micro adjusting screws allow adjustments to be made while the folder is running. The Super 500 can feed and fold up to 36,000 sheets per hour in tri-fold or half-fold formats. An electronic counter is standard with the Super 500.