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Standard High Security Shredders

With the United States Government has raised recent concerns and awareness regarding overall security a new NSA/CSS specification for high security paper shredders has been put into effect requiring that the shred size be no greater than 5 square millimeters. Standard has risen to this challenge and offers the 3080X5 that shreds to a size of 1mm x 4mm exceeding this new important specification. Combined with its other operator convenience features of Automatic On/Off, Bag Full Detection and Automatic Reversing, the durable 3080X5 also provides the ultimate in document security.

3080 X5

Mid-sized console office shredder on casters. Includes auto on/off, bag full auto off, automatic reverse and a single tier forms rack.

  • 10” Feed Width
  • 5 Sheet Capacity
  • 16 gallon waste capacity
  • Meets NSA/CSA DoD Specification 02-01

Technical Specifications

MODEL 3080X5
Security (Level) 5
Feed Width 10″
Sheet Capacity 5
Shred Size 1mm x 4mm
Speed (FPM) 35
Auto On/Off Y
Bag Full Auto Off Y
Auto Reverse Y
Casters Y
Voltage 115
Motor HP 1
Waste Volume 16.0 Gal.
Dimensions 30 1/2 x 16 3/4 x 15 1/4
Shipping Weight 135 Lbs.

Bell & Howell Mailstar 400-C6


  • Front Mounted, High Capacity, Bottom Sheet Feeder
  • First Page Hold
  • Modular Right Angle
  • Modular Stager
  • Universal Accumulator
  • MBO Folder
  • Single Stage Collector
  • One Top Reading Laser Head Reader(3 of 9 read)
  • AUI – Dual Microcomputer (w/spare board)
  • STATIONS #1 – #4: Select
  • STATIONS #5 & #6: Standard
  • ENVELOPE HOPPER: Shuttle Feed

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Profold Model 4040 Folder

The Model 4040 vacuum fed folder is compact and will save floor space, time and double your production. It is equipped with Profold’s patented “No-Set-Gap-Set” technology, which takes the art out of folding. Gap setting is eliminated. Our patented Prothane Fast Track grooved fold rollers provide long-life and tight folds. The Model 4040 has a feeding performance of up to 40,000 sheets per hour with 81/2 x 11″, twenty-pound stock. It is equipped with a stacking tray capacity of 750 sheets. The bottom vacuum feeder allows continuous reloading and operation. This eliminates work stoppage for shut downs that occur when reloading a pile feeder.


  • Prothane Fast Track grooved fold rollers have no affinity for laser or copier toner
  • Grooves in rollers allow toner to escape, permitting cleaner rollers and cleaner product
  • Propane Fast Track grooved fold rollers allow air to escape providing a better paper grip and superior control of all paper stock, including slick stock. Our grooved fold rollers guarantee tight, crisp folds
  • The “No-Set-Gap-Set” automatically adjusts for product thickness and fold-format changes. This ensures accuracy and reduces time-consuming adjustments
  • A capacity of 40,000 sheets per hour is achieved with 81/2 x 11″, twenty pound stock
  • Equipped with four fold plates optimizing imposition of fold
  • DC drive variable speed conveyor shingles folded stock
  • Folder belt drive and sealed bearings reduce noise and the need for lubrication
  • One perforator and one scorer are standard features
  • Mounted on adjustable casters for easy maneuvering
  • Warranty: One year on all Profold parts except wear parts

Standard BQ-P6 Document Binding System

Never before has a compact unit offered as much versatility as the BQ-P6 Document Binding System (binder, taper and padder). Able to produce perfect binds and spine taped books at a rate of up to 140 books an hour, the BQ-P6 is ideal for users that have divergent, low-volume binding demands. Adding the option of padding up to 480 ¼” note-pads an hour makes this compact unit a truly productive and unique option for many office and print environments.

BQ-P6 Binder Technical Specifications

Binding Capacity: From 2 to 250 sheets (Up to 1”)
Maximum Binding Dimension: 12.4” (L) x 8.7” (H)
Minimum Binding Dimension: 2”(L) x 3.25”(H)
Cycle Speeds: 25-30 seconds per bind
Perfect Binding Up to 140 books per hour
Tape Binding Up to 140 books per hour
Padding Up to 480 pads (1/4”) per hour
Cover stock max. thickness: 20# to 110#, Up to 10pt Cover Stock*
Binding Adhesive Type: Hot Melt Adhesive
Tape Dimension: 11” (L) x 1.56” (W)
Tape Colors: Black, white
Warm Up Time: 13 Minutes
Power Requirements: 115V 60Hz
Machine Dimensions: 27”(W) x 18”(D) x 11”(H)
Weight/Shipping Weight: 83.6 lbs. / 100 lbs.

*Dependent upon texture and grain direction. Specifications subject to change without notice.