48 Pocket Streamfeeder Universal Collator


Linium Infeed Conveyor

The modular Linium infeed conveyer will put product into the former of the horizontal flow wrapper.  A servo drive ensures accurate placement of the product into the film tube for consistent packages.

  • 400mm wide Lugged Chain Infeed (19m total length)
  • Rugged Steel Construction Eequiring Minimal Maintenance
  • Fixed Infeed Chain Flight Length
  • Stainless-steel Lug Pushers
  • High Product Detection uses a Mechanical Limit Switch
  • Two Section Drive
  • 1.5m Gap-closing Section
  • Stack Jobbing Prior to Former

FeedNet Advanced Collator Communication

FeedNet provides the communications necessary to support your system’s sophisticated software features.  Compatible with BH1200 Universal Feeding Solutions.

  • 32-color Interface Touch-Screen
  • Sequential Start/Stop
  • Inter-pocket Adjustment
  • Line Synchronization
  • Downstream Inhibit
  • Divert signal Output
  • Configurable Feeder Location
  • Remote Access Support Module

Material Control

Inline Material Control for product stack control

(48) BH1200 Universal Feeding Units

  • Patented Differential Friction Technology
  • 24 inch (60.96 cm) Hopper
  • Toll-free adjustments for easy setups and chang-overs
  • Double detection
  • Sealed Bearings for Reduced Maintenance
  • Stepper Motor Drive
  • Simple Maintenance for Reduced Down-time

Feeder Mounting

In-Line Rain Design

Linium 301 Rotary Horizontal Wrapper by Doboy

Every Linium 300 wrapper comes with simple to operate electronic controls and mechanical adjustments that offer fast and precise product changeover capabilities.  Steel plate frame construction and sanitary design provide reliable and safe operation.

  • Heavy-duty Steel-plate Frame Construction.
  • Sealed Brushless Servo-motor Driven Infeed, Finwheel and Cutting-head Modules.
  • Pre-programmable Controls for up to 20 products.
  • Highly Developed and Functional Operator Interface.
  • Air Pressure Regulated Finwheel Pressure with Individual Regulators and Indicators.
  • Servo Drive Torque Protection
  • Two-way Eye Correction of Registered Film.
  • Controlled Acceleration and Deceleration of Wrapper During Start/Stop.

PGM10 Shipping Conveyor

10-foot long shingling conveyor with standard speed controls for product delivery. Preset batch counting or database driven controls are available for this conveyor.

Pitney Bowes FlowMaster FX 14 DC Series


  • Pitney Bowes High Speed Cut Sheet Input Assembly
  • Cut Sheet Input Feeder
  • Double Document Detection System
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Dual Document Accumulators
  • In-line Folder with 6 Rollers and 4 Buckle Chutes
  • Low Capacity Divert Station

Pitney Bowes FlowMaster, 6 Station Chassis

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Maximum Cycling Speed of 12,000 CPH
  • Sequential Start/Stop
  • 6 Standard 20″ Capacity Enclosure Feeders
  • Select and Batch Feed Capability
  • Independent Station Setup
  • Full Auto Station Backup
  • Large Capacity, 3,500, Envelope Feeder
  • Vertical Divert Stackers
  • Production and Throughput Reporting
  • Service Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Pitney Bowes R750 RapidMailer, In-line Mailing Machine

  • Requires Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Rental

Pitney Bowes On Edge Output Stacker with Tray Drawer

43,452,853 clicks on machine

View Machine’s Specs and Layout Diagram (PDF)

2007 Pitney Bowes Series 10 6-Station Inserter


  • 6 Station Inserter
  • Total Machine Count – 7.4 million
  • Reconditioned by Pitney Bowes
  • Model MD06
  • s/n 201291
  • Accumulator
  • Model Y231
  • s/n 0002105
  • Excellent Condition
Standard Model Docufold with Score Assembly


  • Max sheet size 12.6″W x 17.7″L
  • Fully automatic setup
  • Up to 21,000 sheets per hour
  • Digital counter with batch feature
  • Bond stock 13-80lb
  • Cover stock 18-110lb
2005 FPS 12F Flowmaster Rebuilt


  • Unit Rebuilt
  • 6 Station Base
  • DC Control
  • 6 Servo Feeders
  • Up to 10 x 13″
  • Large format Turnover