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48 Pocket Streamfeeder Universal Collator


Linium Infeed Conveyor

The modular Linium infeed conveyer will put product into the former of the horizontal flow wrapper. A servo drive ensures accurate placement of the product into the film tube for consistent packages.

  • 400mm wide Lugged Chain Infeed (19m total length)
  • Rugged Steel Construction Eequiring Minimal Maintenance
  • Fixed Infeed Chain Flight Length
  • Stainless-steel Lug Pushers
  • High Product Detection uses a Mechanical Limit Switch
  • Two Section Drive
  • 1.5m Gap-closing Section
  • Stack Jobbing Prior to Former

FeedNet Advanced Collator Communication

FeedNet provides the communications necessary to support your system’s sophisticated software features. Compatible with BH1200 Universal Feeding Solutions.

  • 32-color Interface Touch-Screen
  • Sequential Start/Stop
  • Inter-pocket Adjustment
  • Line Synchronization
  • Downstream Inhibit
  • Divert signal Output
  • Configurable Feeder Location
  • Remote Access Support Module

Material Control

Inline Material Control for product stack control

(48) BH1200 Universal Feeding Units

  • Patented Differential Friction Technology
  • 24 inch (60.96 cm) Hopper
  • Toll-free adjustments for easy setups and chang-overs
  • Double detection
  • Sealed Bearings for Reduced Maintenance
  • Stepper Motor Drive
  • Simple Maintenance for Reduced Down-time

Feeder Mounting

In-Line Rain Design

Linium 301 Rotary Horizontal Wrapper by Doboy

Every Linium 300 wrapper comes with simple to operate electronic controls and mechanical adjustments that offer fast and precise product changeover capabilities. Steel plate frame construction and sanitary design provide reliable and safe operation.

  • Heavy-duty Steel-plate Frame Construction.
  • Sealed Brushless Servo-motor Driven Infeed, Finwheel and Cutting-head Modules.
  • Pre-programmable Controls for up to 20 products.
  • Highly Developed and Functional Operator Interface.
  • Air Pressure Regulated Finwheel Pressure with Individual Regulators and Indicators.
  • Servo Drive Torque Protection
  • Two-way Eye Correction of Registered Film.
  • Controlled Acceleration and Deceleration of Wrapper During Start/Stop.

PGM10 Shipping Conveyor

10-foot long shingling conveyor with standard speed controls for product delivery. Preset batch counting or database driven controls are available for this conveyor.

F110E Series Friction Feeder


  • Material Size: Min. 2″W x 4″L – Max. 11″W x 18″L
  • Material Thickness: 1.125″ Max (Standard)
  • Electrical: 110 VAC 1-Phase 5 Amp Circuit
  • Interlock: Dry Contact (Low Volt) Standard
  • Physical: 18.1″L x 15.0W x 21.25″H

    A new contender in the budget friction feeder market has arrived!  The Walco Systems F110E features a simple and robust design capable of feeding a wide variety of products.  Adjustable belts and separator provide an exceptional degree of setup precision. Sealed shaft locking collar bearings provide low maintenance costs, and friction belt change is a snap. A range of options are available, such as an acceleration table, and seamless integration with standard Walco Systems equipment.

Like all Walco Systems products, the Evolution series feeders are designed for the high capacity use demanded by today’s commercial environment.


  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Variable Speed
  • Independently Adjustable Belts & Separator
  • Dual Durometer Separator
  • Adjustable Exposure Table
  • Simple Under 5 Min. Belt Replacement
  • Feeds Wide Variety of Products
  • High Capacity Feed Hopper
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Rotatable Separator
  • Sealed Shaft Locking Collar Bearings
  • Magnetic Rear Adjustable Roller Wedge


Articulating Acceleration Assembly
Creates separation between pieces before
leaving the feeder.
Remote Speed POT
Feeder Speed control POT located on a Walco
transports base, allows feeder speed control
from the same location as transport base and
conveyor speed.

Speed Following

Allows Walco Systems feeders to follow
transports base belt speeds, using one speed control.

Standard Horizon EF-35 Suction Feed Folder

The Standard Horizon EF-35 provides a clear choice for tabletop suction feed folding needs. Capable of folding 30,000 sheets per hour, the EF-35 delivers both command and control to the operator for every folding job. Complete with combination rubber and steel folding rollers and self-compensating gapping, the EF-35 is as easy to set up as it is to operate. The steel folding rollers encompass horizontal machining found on paper folders that can cost 4-5 times more, the grooving on the rollers provides positive sheet grip while minimizing scratching and scuffing on today’s advanced digital stocks. This unique folder, serves the traditional print markets as well, with its great range of stock capabilities and productive throughput.

Technical Specifications

  • Folding Method: Buckle (2-fold plate) Manually Adjusted
  • Roller Composition: Combination (2 steel, 2 rubber)
  • Maximum Sheet Size (L x W): 25.5″ x 13.7″
  • Minimum Sheet Size (L x W): 2.8″ x 2.2″
  • Maximum Fold Length: 13.7″
  • Minimum Fold Length: 1.6″
  • Sheet Weight Range*: Bond/Xerographic 12-65 lb., Cover 17-90 lb.
  • Folding Speed*: Variable Speed Control Up to 30,000/hr (8 ½” x 11″ single fold)
  • Feed Tray Capacity: 1.6″ Pile Height, Continuous Top-load Bottom-feed (approx. 350 sheets, 20 lb. Xerographic)
  • Power: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 16.8 Amp, Single Phase
  • Machine Weight/Shipping Weight: 276 lbs./ 452 lbs.
  • Overall Dimensions (Installed): 52.4″L x 23.3″W x 43.2″H

Standard Features

Base Cabinet With Castors, Dual Dedicated Feed Pumps (Suction Pump and Pressure Pump), Fold Plate Sound Enclosures, Digital Counter Display, Batch Counter (Preset Stop/Pause Modes With Audible Alert), Variable Speed Feed Control, Fine Feed-Adjustment Controls (Sheet Gap/Interval), Test Feed Button, Self Adjusting Fold Roller Gapping, Variable Speed Output Conveyor (Continuous/Sheet Sensor Activated Modes), Overlap and Jam Detection

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Straight Shooter SS12 & SS20 High Speed Friction Feeder

Straight Shooter SS12 & SS20 High Speed Friction Feeders

Straight Shooter takes friction feeding to a new level with these exclusive features:

  • Repositionable Feed Belts:
    Allow you to customize the feeder for every job!
  • One-piece paper guides, that guide your media all the way through the machine
  • Paper Guides that descend below the feed belts:
    Pieces won’t slide out from underneath the guides, as on other feeders!
  • Dual, Independently Adjustable Paper Separators:
    Enables you to put each separator where you want! Each separator can also be set independently for pieces of varying thickness!
  • Buckle Separation:
    Buckle Separation Technology™ eliminates the high friction “nip” point common on other feeders. It allows for smooth feeding without the jams, plus increases the belt and separator lives! Nip points cause jams and peel back the top layers of multi-layered media, but not with the Straight Shooter! Our exclusive Buckle Separation Technology™ separates without pressure and allows for a variation of thickness in feeding the media, even within the same stack!
  • 10 Minute Belt Replacement:
    Our exclusive “Drop in Shafts” make changing belts a breeze for anyone!
  • Reversible Back Wedge with Adjustable Angle:
    Easily handles anything from business card sizes to 15″ long pieces!
  • Oversize, Heavy Duty Shafts and Bearings:
    5/8″ thick shafts and large bearings for long life!
  • Simplified Drive Mechanism:
    Fewer parts mean less to worry about! Built for heavy use!

Available as Batch Counter Feeder or Demand Feeder in 12″ or 20″ models

  • Fits On Most Ink Jet Bases
  • Optional Adjustable Height Stand
  • Simple Keypad Batch Counting

Straight Shooter C12 High Speed Friction Feeder

Straight Shooter C12 High Speed Feeder for Mailing, Printing and Packaging

Straight Shooter brings real innovation to friction feeding! Revolutionary features enable our feeders to easily handle a wide range of media types and sizes from business cards to large catalogs, and almost everything in between… and feeds them all straight!

  •  Stuffed envelopes
  •  Open ended booklets
  •  Calendars
  •  Magnets
  •  Self-mailers
  •  Plastic cards or tags
  •  Labels
  •  CDs
  • Variable thickness in the same stack!

Straight Shooter takes friction feeding to a new level with these exclusive features:

  •  Solid, heavy-duty paper guides that extend ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE FEEDER
  •  Repositionable Feed Belts – – Lets you customize the feeder for every piece!
  •  Independently Adjustable Separators… as many as you like!
  •  All belts can be replaced in minutes!
  •  Heavy duty shafts and bearings for long life.
  •  Four high friction feed belts AND three traction belts for additional friction, ALL repositionable!
  •  Use as many separators and belts as each job requires
  •  Completely tool-less setup!
  •  Clean, uncluttered design — easy to setup, easy to move, easy to service!

Buckle Separation™ Technology
A Straight Shooter Exclusive! Straight Shooter introduced this revolutionary method of separation in 2004. Other feeders use a high friction “nip” point to separate documents. Straight Shooter eliminates the “nip” point for smoother feeding without the jams!

Configurations to choose from:

C-12 Continuous Feeder

  • Excellent for ink jetting, tabbing, folding and morel
  • Speeds: Up to 40,000 postcards per hour
  • Piece sizes: Width 3.125” mm. up to 12” max.
  • Length 2” minimum up to 17” max
  • Thickness: Single sheet to 3/8” thick
  • Power: 115 vac (230 optional)
  • Dimensions: 15” wide x 17” long x 19” high
  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • 20” Models Also Available!

C-12/C-20 Demand Feeders

  • Ideal for single shot or continuous mode
  • Includes acceleration table for media gapping.
  • Start and Stop Photo Eyes for integrating to collators, folders, flighted conveyors and more.
  • Repositionable belts and complete paper guides on feeder AND acceleration table ensure straight delivery of your media!
  • Batch Counting Feeders, 12” and 20” models
  • Simple keypad control panel for batch adjustments.
  • Photo eye, push button or timed restart
  • Built-in acceleration table with counting sensor

Also Available:

  • Plastic Card Option for small media
  • Adjustable height stand or cabinet
  • Interlock and cabling for dry contact, 5, 12, and 24 vdc for integration

Pitney Bowes FlowMaster FX 14 DC Series


  • Pitney Bowes High Speed Cut Sheet Input Assembly
  • Cut Sheet Input Feeder
  • Double Document Detection System
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Dual Document Accumulators
  • In-line Folder with 6 Rollers and 4 Buckle Chutes
  • Low Capacity Divert Station

Pitney Bowes FlowMaster, 6 Station Chassis

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface
  • Maximum Cycling Speed of 12,000 CPH
  • Sequential Start/Stop
  • 6 Standard 20″ Capacity Enclosure Feeders
  • Select and Batch Feed Capability
  • Independent Station Setup
  • Full Auto Station Backup
  • Large Capacity, 3,500, Envelope Feeder
  • Vertical Divert Stackers
  • Production and Throughput Reporting
  • Service Diagnostics and Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Pitney Bowes R750 RapidMailer, In-line Mailing Machine

  • Requires Pitney Bowes Postage Meter Rental

Pitney Bowes On Edge Output Stacker with Tray Drawer

43,452,853 clicks on machine

View Machine’s Specs and Layout Diagram (PDF)

2006 Bell & Howell CMC Model 250s


  • A2i Base Module – three (3) base modules with 2 feeders each for a six station system
  • Enclosure Feeders:
  • BBH250S-6 Inserting Module – inserting module that supports “letters” envelope applications
  • On-Edge Envelope Conveyor – This conveyor retains envelopes in a vertical (on-edge) orientation versus a flat-shingled orientation. This allows the system to retain more envelopes, reducing the number of times that the operator has to sweep (off-load) the conveyor thereby increasing operator efficiency.
  • Envelope Auto-loader – This module is used to feed the hopper of the envelope feeder to increase the capacity of the envelopes loaded in the system also increasing operator efficiency

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48 Pocket Streamfeeder Universal Collator Features Linium Infeed Conveyor The modular Linium infeed conveyer will put product into the former of the horizontal flow wrapper.  A servo drive ensures accurate placement of the product into the film tube for consistent …

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